DPG Remembrance

DPG lost two valuable people this past year, Ray Meyo and Jim Vance.  Both men had significant influences in DPG and Galvanoni family, we are forever grateful for these men entrepreneurial spirits and love for people.  DPG has a remembrance page as a tribute to inspirational figures whom thru their passion, leadership and enlightenment have contributing to the DPG platform and world at large.

Raymond Meyo

By Jon M. Hawes and Paulette Polley Edmunds

RaymondMeyo-2The story of Raymond D. Meyo is one of hope, hard work, family values, and dedication. Diagnosed with mental retardation as a small boy, Raymond D. Meyo overcame great adversity to later achieve extraordinary sales success. This story is one that provides inspiration, insight, and illumination of what is possible in our free enterprise system in which sales success is a function of motivation and skill. In addition, this case study can provide a road map to people who are currently trying to overcome adversity and discrimination while seeking the achievement of extraordinary success within the American free enterprise system.


Introduction Suppose you had taken a tiny firm, whose debts were fifty times greater than its assets, from near total obscurity to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in the space of a few years. Suppose that success had made you a local celebrity and that you lived in a the second largest house in the county (Dyer 2007) with over 13,914 square feet and 26 rooms on a 2.8 acre lot valued at $3.5 million and this was detailed in the local newspaper (Irwin 2003). Would you put your title of CEO on the line if your company performance did not further improve? If you did “put it all on the line” would you really step down if the promised goals were not reached? And, if you would do all these things, would you announce your departure from the company the day before you were to speak at a large gathering of people at a meeting of the Sales and Marketing Executives Association?

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James L. Vance III


photo vanceDPG recently lost a valuable partner, irreplaceable colleague, mentor and dear friend.  James (“Jim”) L. Vance III passed away on May 4, 2012.  In 2011 DPG had the good fortune of recruiting Jim into our Global Real Estate Group to fill the role of Managing Partner.  Jim contributed to the explosive growth of DPG over the past year through his highly effective senior-level leadership skills, laser-focused integrity and supportive mentorship.  Jim was an intelligent, success-driven individual who truly understood the art of the deal and the critical dynamics of the DPG financing structures.

Jim was a dynamic and versatile leader. He was masterful in leveraging critical opportunities.  He possessed a special creativity that allowed him to deliver the DPG corporate vision, obtain buy-in and produce solutions that helped drive our unprecedented growth.

Jim was a dedicated family man and true friend to all his colleagues.  He was a man of great integrity, resolve, vision and true human spirit.  Anyone who knew Jim felt his positive presence and the passion he carried into every day.

Jim was a seasoned modern day warrior on the battlefield of finance and commerce and he will be sorely missed by all those who knew him on a professional and personal level.