Strategic Merchant Banking, Alternative Investment, and Asset Management

In addition to DPG capital under management through its various private equity allocations, DPG maintains a substantial group of partners who continually seek co-investment in DPG financing structures due to the firm's continual success in its allocations. In addition to DPG assets under management, DPG's direct proprietary relationships with leading investment banks, pension funds, opportunity funds, hedge funds, life companies, global lending institutions, REITS, private equity groups, and high net worth family offices provides a complete array of financing solutions to its partners. DPG's specialization across various asset classes including real estate, energy, corporate private equity, venture capital, and select fund-to-fund allocation provides its clientele/partners a distinct competitive edge in structuring solutions. In its lending capacity, DPG takes an interest in the majority of the capital stack thereby providing innovative financing structures for even the most complex financing transactions.

DPG Restructuring Group:

DPG specializes in reorganizing distressed companies, consulting and managing operation, arranging Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) Financing, Plan of Reorganization (POR) Financing, Out-of-Court Refinancing & Recapitalization, Section 363 Sales, Distressed Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

DPG Real Estate Group:

DPG Realty Capital, a real estate finance unit of DPG Investments, provides flexible and reliable capital for value-added real estate projects. DPG provides financing alternatives across the capital stack including debt, preferred equity, mezzanine, joint ventures, and restructurings that ultimately offer flexible solutions, with flexible terms and high leverage. DPG’s dedicated lending program includes the origination and acquisition of existing debt and capital markets instruments including whole loans, mezzanine loans and certain tranches of CMBS.

DPG Realty Advisors, a real estate investment and advisory unit of DPG Investments, buys, operates, and sells value-added U.S. real estate and serves as a full service investment advisor adept in a variety of property and product types. DPG has experience with various investment strategies, including core, enhanced-core and higher yielding opportunistic strategies and executes that strategy that best meets the investor's objectives. Its core opportunistic strategy is exemplified in its investment base, which includes acquisition of development and redevelopment projects, joint ventures, in the industrial, office, retail, industrial, and hospitality sectors. DPG’s approach centers on identifying, enhancing, and capturing the unrecognized value in every investment through the entire investment cycle.

DPG Infrastructure Group:

DPG Energy & Natural Resources, an alternative energy investment and management unit of DPG Investments, is a leading provider of private equity to the global energy industry, investing through the energy cycles. DPG plays an active role in the ongoing restructuring of the energy and power industry, specializing in clean technology and renewable energy markets. As an active investment and management firm, DPG Energy & Natural Resources division seeks opportunistic and ongoing restructuring of the energy and the power industry, providing development, ownership, operation, and management expertise, through its notable platform and team, world-class energy and power management teams, and services.

DPG Infrastructure Partners, an infrastructure private equity unit of DPG Investments, seek opportunities to invest in long-life, physical assets that provide essential products and services for the backbone of the global economy. Established to make investments in both public and private infrastructure projects across the globe, DPG Infrastructure Partners continues its commitment to build true partnerships with private and public operators of existing assets. DPG seeks to bridge the gap in providing private capital and effective strategies to the public infrastructure sector. DPG repeatedly depicts through its differentiated investment strategy that the infrastructure asset class offers investors an opportunity to earn superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

DPG Middle Market Group:

DPG Corporate Advisors, a corporate private equity unit of DPG Investments, is a leading middle market private investment firm, making investments in corporate private equity, public equity, leveraged debt asset, mergers and acquisitions, and global macro asset investments across multiple sectors and industries. Specializing in corporate finance, including bridge financing, term loans, junior secured loans, rescue financing, mezzanine and equity financing across a broad range of sizes and structures in most industries. In addition, DPG expertise in special situation turnaround advisory including bankruptcy and workouts, distressed and special situations finance, restructuring, business regeneration, and corporate insolvency provides a foray of services to its clientele. Since its inception, DPG Corporate Advisor's goal is to help management teams build long-term value that benefits all stakeholders since overcoming business challenges requires more than capital. By providing a trusted partner with the experience and decisiveness to bring an enterprise to its potential, DPG assists companies in complex situations.

DPG Alternative Asset Management Advisors - Hedge Fund Group:

DPG Alternative Asset Management Advisors is a third party hedge fund and alternative asset management-marketing unit of DPG Investments. It specializes solely in the alternative investment arena with a particular focus on hedge funds, private equity managers, and select “hard asset” singular focused investment strategies that the DPG team believes have significant value to outperform the market with pedigree management teams. The Group’s mission is to serve as an advisor in the placement of assets on a global basis for successful hedge fund managers through the intelligent implementation of industry research/knowledge and by utilizing a consultative approach within the institutional investor community.

DPG Venture Group:

DPG Venture Partners, a venture capital unit of DPG Investments, seeks to provide venture capital and subordinated debt to expansion stage companies seeking $5million+ in financing.   DPG venture capital investments are an allocation of capital, with our time, expertise, and substantial relationships. The goal is to create long lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs and management team's whose goals are mutually aligned.